Robin Williams' illegitimate son? DNA tests are pending.

Character actors are rare breeds. The best ones are known to fully immerse themselves into whatever character they are portraying, becoming practically unrecognizable in the process. Geremy Dingle aspires to that level of dedication, while humbly acknowledging predecessors who have set the bar high in that respect. As a classically trained actor and comedian, he applies inspiration to learned techniques when approaching a character. Take a look at Geremy's Theatrical Reel for a sample of characters he has played over the years. 

A modern day Mel Blanc? Better ask Bugs.


Geremy has an astonishingly wide and flexible vocal range. A professional voice over artist for many years, he has provided clients with comprehensive and effective straight deliveries, including narration and hosting on a variety of platforms. He has also conjured a formidable array of animated characters for cartoons, animated shorts, personal campaigns, and special events. Geremy strives to bring value to voice characterization that goes beyond simply assuming a voice. Someone once asked how many voices he could do in 2 minutes, so he created a voiceover character challenge to find out.


An evolution of Bobby McFerrin? In the Key of Largo maybe.


As a singer and vocal instrumentalist (a term he coined to describe expertly vocalizing musical instruments), Geremy has performed on countless occasions as a crooner/vocalist with bands of all shapes and sizes. His abilities as a vocal instrumentalist have lead him to create several music albums and produce live shows as such in order to develop an art form that is both rare and underexposed. According to Mr. Dingle: "The goal with any instrument I vocalize is to somehow capture its spirit and soul. After many years of diligent practice and development, I believe that to be truly effective and convincing, it must go deeper than merely replicating the sound. An audience member should be able to close their eyes and hear the essence of the practical instrument being voiced."


Alright, but can he write? Yes, but his typing is more legible.


When it comes to writing, Geremy has a knack for concocting scripts with dialogue and written exposition. Unless the material is ordered dry, humor tends to make its way into the mix. The content may be factual or not; loosely written or deftly precise; poetic or prosaic. Notable writer credits include a one-man Hamlet send-up written in iambic pentameter, dozens of song parodies as lyricist and arranger, script doctoring for independent films and theatre productions, live and prerecorded event hosting, and turning an unpublished novel into a fully-produced series of short radio plays

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Geremy enjoys collaboration. He considers projects and opportunities based on content and purpose. His rates are negotiable, determined on a case by case basis. 



Scope of Work

Highlights and demos



Radio Show Podcasts: http://www.podomatic.com/profile/geremydingle


Theatrical reel:


Vocal Acrobatics demo:


Voiceover character challenge:


Voicebank interviews:




Goals & Gravitas

To make a living as an artist is by and large a bi-product that is many years in the making. This remains the goal.

It seems no matter where a creative professional finds themselves on the ladder of success, there are periods of lush artistry and advancement as well as lean and challenging times.

Perseverance under any conditions is fundamental.

This is both a mission statement and a PSA.  

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